Clinical Research Expert / Consultant.
ICH – GCP Expert.
Bioethics Expert.
EU funding Expert.

A propos

With more than 25 years experience in multinational pharma and start-up biotechs. Dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative, skilled at managing both projects and/or people, able to motivate a team towards achievement of the objectives, excellent communication and negotiation skills.
Excellent knowledgement of Clinical Research/non-interventional trials, registries management (from designing of protocol to study report) within Australia, China, EMEA, Sub-Saharan Africa and US area.
Involvement on non clinical and preclinical activities.
Involvement on the development of Post Approval studies, Real World Data to reach regulatory environment, marketing ….. target.
Building of bridges with CRO, Patients’ organizations.
Helping in obtaining of fundings from international entities as E.C and WHO.
Good understanding of Health Economics and Market Access (negotiations, dealing with authorities, payors, stakeholders)