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Secteur : Mécanique de précision, constructeur de machines outils.

PMC Industries was founded in 1912 and introduced the world’s firs carbide tooled, pipe threading machine in 1958.

With the merger of PMC and Belgian lathe maker M.P. Colinet and their integration into the Park Ohio group of companies, PMC Colinet has become a dominant supplier in the global pipe and tube market for machinery, tooling, parts and service.

PMC Colinet’s main product line of pipe and coupling threading machines come in two options, Rotating Product Technology and Rotating Tool Technology. The type of technology best suited for your company depends upon your needs.

Our machines are optimized for the production of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), in accordance with Specifications 5B, 5CT and 5L of the American Petroleum Institute (API), Both technologies are equally capable of producing finished pipe and couplings that comply with ASTM, BS, GOST, JIS, KS and most other global standards for tubular products.

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